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GEOMET® paint robots teamwork layer trays
Two programmed robots work in harmony to move parts and layer trays
GEOMET® paint robot movinf front disc
Machined Front disc is moved from dunnage to GEOMET® paint line to be coated
GEOMET® paint robot automation loading
Automated robot preparing to pickup an unpainted front disc
Rear disc GEOMET® paint robot
Rear disc is sprayed with a GEOMET® paint coating
GEOMET® paint robots front discs
Multiple spray nozzles apply GEOMET® coating to front discs

ACM has three GEOMET® paint lines, two in Michigan and one in Georgia.  Brake rotors are coated with environmentally friendly water based zinc-aluminum coating called GEOMET®. Our in-house paint process utilizes precision robotic spray to apply the coating to the brake rotors and induction heating to cure it instead of a traditional oven. These processes minimize our waste streams and energy usage which in turn minimizes our environmental impact. Vision inspection systems are utilized to ensure quality of parts. Automated pack out cells are utilized to pack parts into their shipping containers. 

ACM’s ability to cast, machine, sub-assemble, and paint all at one facility creates a single source manufacturer for automotive brake components and assemblies. This allows us to reduce costs that are typically incurred when sourcing from several suppliers such as inventories, packaging, and transportation that do not add value to the product. Inventories and lead-times are minimized in the ACM value stream, and process controls from casting and machining to assembly are optimized in real time to guarantee quality in the process.