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ASAMA Worldwide Operations: 5 Plants, 3 Countries
ASAMA Worldwide Operations: 5 Plants, 3 Countries
ASAMA manufacturing facility in Georgia
ACM GA LLC in Warrenton, GA
ACM Asama Coldwater Michigan Foundry Machine Shop
Asama Coldwater Manufacturing in Coldwater, MI

Asama Coldwater Manufacturing (ACM) was founded in Coldwater, MI in January 1996 as a joint venture between Asama Giken and Honda Motor Company.  ACM was established to manufacturer automotive components for Honda passenger vehicles.  Over the years ACM has evolved its manufacturing capabilities which includes a foundry, high capacity machining facility, Geomet® paint lines, and extensive research and development technologies.

In March 2013, ACM acquired a second foundry located in Warrenton, GA.  In 2015, a state of the art machining and paint facility was constructed at this site.  The secondary location allows ACM to better meet the delivery needs of our customers in the southern United States.

ACM’s company philosophies are based on respect for the individual and our community. Our business plans include a commitment to continuous improvement for all areas. Individual and team activities are promoted and supported to make improvements in safety, quality, cost, delivery, morale, and environmental related aspects.

Company Principle

In order for our customers all over the world to have trust in us, we always try our best through free thinking and bold challenges.

Asama Group Worldwide Operations

Asama Giken – Japan – parent company – est 1973
Asama Indoneisan Manufacuring (AIM) – Indonesia – sister company

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